Europe’s demand for coffee is expected to remain stable over the long-term as the market becomes saturated. We currently work with over 200 producers and have a farm located in Santa Rosa. In 2017, Portugal imported 45,968 tonnes of coffee. Germany: $3,228,205,000-7.2%: 3. We mill, bag and export the coffee … If you want to do business in Europe successfully, you will need a clear picture of the international supply chain, specific European requirements and national market trends. Netherlands: $1,194,042,000-7.6%: 8. Study the trade fair catalogues online. Describe your company’s processes for implementing and monitoring quality; News: recent, updated information about your coffee region. Europe has the world’s largest and most competitive coffee market. You need to profile the target market and its structure. As a result, finding the right buyer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The annual coffee consumption for the average Spaniard is 9.9 pounds, which is below the European average of 11.9 pounds per year. Add to cart. Consider which entry channel is most suitable for your company: directly to coffee roasters, through an importer or trader, or through an agent or broker. Use sector and trade associations. Visit the website of the buyer you have found. Address: 10 Meon Close, Springfield Chelmsford Essex CM1 7QQ Phone: 01245 690 … Japan: $1,248,034,000-1.1%: 6. Learn more about the European and other international coffee markets on. We offer details such as country, state, city, street and postal code for each … Use online trading sites to help you map your target markets. Spain consumes an estimated 14 billion cups of coffee each year, translating to 600 cups per person each year. The Dutch take (espresso) blends of Robusta and Arabica. Contact local representatives of the different certification schemes to ask for information. DRWakefield. German coffee consumers prefer Arabica coffee that is lightly roasted. In 2017, the green coffee re-exports amounted to 7.1 thousand tonnes representing only 1.1% of Europe’s entire exporting markets. Find potential buyers in the company directories of the magazines given above, such as the. Similar to other European countries, consumers in the Netherlands are increasingly shifting towards convenient and high-quality fresh coffee. In 2017, Sweden imported 98,359 tonnes of coffee, making the country the seventh-largest coffee importer in the continent. Coffee Plaza | Am Sandtorpark 4 20457 Hamburg, Germany Tel. Examples include: As a coffee exporter, it is important for you to join your national or regional coffee association, which can offer interesting services, such as up-to-date market and price information, trade fair participation and marketing support. Please review our market information disclaimer. United … Not only do these publications bring up-to-date information on the coffee sector, they also provide a database of potential buyers, such as traders and roasters. The Netherlands has a per capita coffee consumption rate of 11.7 pounds per year, which is close to the European average. Retailer? They target mostly small and medium-sized enterprises in selected partner countries that aim to export their products to Europe. In 2017, the nation imported 1,065,255 tonnes of coffee, nearly twice as much as Italy, which is ranked second. In 2017, the country’s share of re-exports was 53%. Despite being one of the largest coffee markets on the continent, per capita consumption is relatively low. Communicate reliability and credibility with a professional website. Make appointments with exhibitors in advance. Keep yourself up-to-date on market news by exploring the websites mentioned above. From 2014 to 2018, imports grew at an average annual rate of 3.2%. Once you are convinced your coffee might have a chance with this buyer, send an e-mail with a complete specification or fact sheet of your coffee, such as. Most online trade fair catalogues allow you to search specifically for coffee companies. Italy is the second-largest coffee importer in Europe, accounting for 17% of Europe’s entire imports in 2018. The ECF and its associated members publish lists of member companies on their websites, which is a good source of information on buyers in different European countries. Think about applying for export programmes, which offer matchmaking services and support for exhibiting at trade fairs, for example. Company. InterAmerican Coffee GmbH. Subsidiary brands 85C Bakery Cafe: 2004: Taipei, Taiwan: Alterra Coffee … Tourists are often warned about taking Swedish coffee as its strength is believed to cause palpitations and malady. Consumers in the country focus on the quality and variety of coffee. Consider using magazines as way of advertising your products. You will need to include the following aspects: The Internet provides increasing possibilities for marketing and communication. The European Coffee Federation (ECF) plays a prominent role in representing the interests of traders, roasters, manufacturers and other companies involved in the European coffee sector. Belgium is also a major re-exporter. A professional website is a vital tool for this. 1. A high number of tourists in the country also means that the coffee shop business is very popular and profitable. Canada: $1,196,366,000-0.9%: 7. This is a good way of identifying potential buyers in advance. Or maybe you are too small, and need to export through an exporter in your own country, for the time being. The significant amount of coffee traded in the world goes through the Port of Antwerp, which is used as a transit and storage site. The country, however, lies behind Nordic countries on per capita coffee consumption. +41 (0)41 728 7286 E-Mail: Belgium: $1,080,895,000 +0.8%: 9. The port accounts for 50% of Europe’s entire coffee logistics business. Do not expect to have a deal after you submitted a first coffee sample. Ready to-drink, specialty coffees, and single-serve methods are increasingly growing in popularity. Without this market knowledge, you will limit your success. In 2015, Germany’s per capita coffee consumption was 14.3 pounds per year, well above the EU average 11.9 pounds per year. Take 1 … Set clear objectives and targets for yourself, whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor. Contact them directly to find the answers. Sustainability is also becoming a concern among industry stakeholders with retailers and buyers using certification to promote sustainability. Among coffee consumers, instant coffee is the most preferred, particularly among the older generations. Research as much information as you can about their business, their philosophy and business practices. We are offering this list as a free resource, not only to our students but to all coffee … Smaller companies, on the other hand, are exploring the specialty coffee market. You can go as a visitor, which is less expensive than exhibiting and is recommended as a first step. If a buyer does not answer, do not hesitate to send reminders and ask for feedback on the cupping of your coffee sample. Cafe Imports, Great Britain. Coffee Bird, Great Britain. The market will, however, remain attractive to coffee exporters across the word. What influences business in Europe? The coffee market in the United Kingdom grows at an average rate of 10% yearly. Social media is another. Define your unique selling points and what you can offer to European buyers. Use the following tips for help with doing business with European buyers. Germany is also a major hub for coffee re-exports. Find trusted Coffee Beans Buyers. However, two-way communication predominantly takes place through email, phone and face-to-face contact. With an office in Berlin, Germany; warehouses in the U.K. and in Hamburg, Germany; and with … Be prepared because it takes time. Importers … Italian coffee consumption had gone up considerably since 1995 when coffee consumption was just 253,000 tonnes compared to 606,000 tonnes consumed in 2018. Ecom is a Switzerland-based coffee trading firm founded as a cotton importer in 1849 near Barcelona by Jose Esteve with the mission of supplying the booming Spanish textile factories.. Ecom, nowadays one of largest coffee traders in the world, started trading coffee in 1935 with its first coffee … Asia and Oceania are ranked second with a market share of 22%. The following magazines or news portals focus exclusively on coffee: The following journals may also be interesting for coffee exporters: The right marketing can help you to be successful in Europe. Work through the following tips to help you find your European buyers for your coffee. Europe is the biggest market for coffee producers in the world, accounting for 33% of the world’s coffee consumption in 2018. Examples include: Online trading sites are not very popular in the coffee sector as a whole. arabica, organic coffee, roasted, coffee pods, Tchibo, Nescafe, Lipton, green tea Find the right buyers in the right location. Visit the booths of coffee importers. Look for certification services and training possibilities in your region or country. Usually, the buyer has a number of good suppliers with longstanding relations. These types of storytelling is often closely associated with corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. Per capita, coffee consumption in Belgium is estimated to be 15 pounds per year. Currently, the European market is experiencing a wave that has been called “the science of coffee.” Consumers are demonstrating a need to understand the intrinsic characteristic of coffee beans and the influence of preparation on the final taste. It is an independent family business specializing in sourcing green coffee and distributing it in Europe. Cafe Imports is an independent importer and developer of some of the world's finest specialty green coffees. We connect roasters to fully traceable, specialty green coffees from around the world. The average per capita coffee consumption is 11.2 pounds, which is close to the European average. Sometimes, it takes one or two years exchanging information and samples before you get an order. Before starting your search for European buyers, it is important to understand the characteristics of your target ... 2. The country mainly re-exports to the Netherlands, which accounts for 60% of all Belgian green coffee re-exports. What are the trends in the coffee sector? Coffee buyers differ significantly from country to country, and that can make the following steps for doing business quite challenging. The average Briton consumes about 7.3 pounds of coffee per year. These differences may relate to factors such as consumption patterns, levels of trading, preferences for specific coffee varieties, how many roasters there are and how big these roasters are. In 2017, the country imported 552,285 tonnes of coffee. In 2016, Italy’s total coffee imports consisted of Robusta (38%) and Arabica (62%). Italian coffee consumption had gone up considerably since 1995 when coffee consumption was just 253,000 tonnes compared to 606,000 tonnes consumed in 2018. It is considered the largest coffee storage site in the world, with an estimated 250,000 tonnes stored at a time. Green coffee re-exports in 2017 were 348,000 tonnes. Most European buyers require direct contact with suppliers for a detailed assessment of your potential. Do they buy mainstream or niche products such as speciality, organic, and fair trade coffee? The country is also the most significant green coffee importer in the world and the second-largest producer and exporter of coffee in Europe after Germany. You could also consider using magazines for advertising your business and your products to your new target audience. From 2014 to 2018, imports grew at an average rate of 2% annually. Green Coffee Importers We have created a database of green coffee importers and distributors from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia for you. This is a worldwide list of coffee companies that roast or distribute coffee. The only way to find out is by keeping yourself up-to-date on market news. Plan your export marketing activities: schedule calls with prospective buyers, schedule updating the ‘News’ tab on your website, and inform all prospective buyers when you visit Europe for example. Brazil, India, and Vietnam are the main coffee suppliers accounting for 64% of all coffee imports. List. Swedes are known to be critical of coffee served abroad, which, by comparison, is weaker than Swedish coffee. Event Special Preps Webinar Wednesday Dec 2 Wednesday Dec 22pm CET Love them or hate them, these new styles of coffees have taken hold. Coffee importers – Europe (1192 companies) quantity. After the trade fair or event, follow up on specific requests such as quotations, further information on your company, product and certificates. ETHIOCOFFEE. The companies affiliated with the ECF represent a total import volume of approximately 40 million bags, which is more than half of the world trade volume. is a growing Manufacturer Directory and B2B Marketplace connecting Global Coffee Importers, Exporters, Suppliers, Traders and Manufacturers at a reliable, common platform. There is also a growing demand for transparency and traceability through the value chain. In 2018, Belgium imported 276,000 tonnes of green coffee valued at 606 million euros accounting for 8.7% of Europe’s total green coffee imports from producing countries. Make sure you have someone who speaks English available, and who checks and answers emails every day. Other significant markets are France (22%), and Germany (5.5%). Before starting your search for European buyers, it is important to understand the characteristics of your target market. Europe has the most coffee buyers in the world, each with its own approach to business, its own expectations and specific demands. Visiting and participating in trade fairs, coffee events and festivals are good ways of meeting potential buyers and obtaining market information. Where do your products come from? Visit and participate in trade fairs and events, Contact trade promotion agencies, embassies and chambers of commerce, Use the trade press for market information, International Trade Centre (ITC) Trade Map, International Coffee Organisation’s coffee trade statistics per country, Ethiopian-Netherlands Business Association, German-Colombian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia, Fairtrade-certified operators on the FLOCERT, tips for doing business with European coffee buyers, Uker’s Tea & Coffee Global Directory & Buyers Guide, Buyer's Guide Index of the Coffee & Cocoa International, Rainforest Alliance (now merged with UTZ). In addition to these agencies, you can contact your country’s embassies in Europe, as well as European chambers of commerce with offices in your country or region. From 2014 to 2018, export volumes grew by about 7.8%. EUROPAGES is a European B2B platform available in 26 linguistic versions. Send inquiries and quotations to high volume B2B Coffee Beans buyers and connect with purchasing managers. Introduce your company and establish initial business contacts. Find out which segment they operate in, for example. 4. What sets you apart from the competition and how do you contribute to society? Primavera Coffee is a Guatemalan specialty coffee importer with deep roots in the country. Coffee is part of Spain’s gastronomic culture and can be consumed at any time of the day. A high-quality website offers you the opportunity to market your business and your products. However, magazines can also function as a way of finding potential buyers. Discuss certification needs with your potential buyers. Coffee varieties, grades and sensory characteristics; Certificates: mention the year of certification and explain how it contributes to the quality of your products and services. Role & Mission Latest … All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021, Top 10 Coffee Importing European Union Countries, European Countries That Are Not Members Of The European Union, Top Rice Exporting And Importing Countries, Top Sugar Exporting And Importing Countries In The World, The Top Wheat Exporting And Importing Countries In The World, The World’s Largest Oil Reserves By Country, Top Cotton Producing Countries In The World. We buy Ethiopian coffee for … Home / FOOD Importers / Coffee importers – Europe (1192 companies) 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE +40752140922. Think about what your story is. Follow market developments published in trade magazines and market trends. But beyond the profiles, be they crazy delicious or just straight … The coffee market in Europe is mature but is also constantly evolving. Many coffee buyers are interested in answers to questions such as these, and use them as a story to distinguish their products, sourced from you, from those of the competition. Countries such as Finland and Sweden have a per capita coffee consumption of 26.5 pounds per year and 15.4 pounds per year, respectively. Italy: $1,642,404,000-6.1%: 5. You can find potential buyers on the ECF’s members list. We are a team of coffee suppliers based in London, UK. Inter American Coffee, Different EU Locations. Choose professional marketing to communicate an image of reliability and credibility. Schluter, Great Britain. The country has the second-highest per capita coffee consumption in Europe with an average of 3.2 cups of coffee per person per day, which is just behind Finland that consumes 3.5 cups of coffee per person per day. we now source outstanding coffees from 20 producing countries. These kinds of social media platforms can help you to find and get to know European buyers. Larger companies in the country focus primarily on providing their customers with coffee in convenient single-serving packaging. The wave was characterized as the “coffee-like-wine” consumer attitude. Certifications are very important tools to support your story and emphasise the quality of your coffee. Nevertheless, there are online trading sites which provide access to coffee buyers in less traditional market channels such as microlots and other niche markets. Coffee Importers - Instantly Connect with Verified Coffee Buyers & Coffee Importers from USA, China, India at TradeKey Importers Directory. We deliver throughout Europe … Learn about your competition by browsing through the ads of other producers / exporters in your own country and elsewhere. Italy is the second-largest coffee importer in Europe, accounting for 17% of Europe’s entire imports in 2018. What is the demand for my type of coffee in each country? For specific market segments such as specialty coffee, you can refer to the links to the national chapters of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), or the International Coffee Organisation. Japan Phone Tokyo C/o Marubeni Corp. 4-2 Ohte-machi 1-chome Chiyoda-ku Tokyo[100-8008] A &Amp; A Coffee Importers United States Phone Long Beach 140 E Garry Ave Santa … Their philosophy and business practices: Cropster and Algrano could be useful for.... Comparison, is weaker than Swedish coffee your target market before starting your search for European.... London, EC2A 4NE +40752140922 to society imported 552,285 tonnes of coffee 26 of... And business practices palpitations and malady of social media platforms can help to. Exhibiting and is recommended as a whole up-to-date on market news by exploring the specialty coffee market direct. Coffee each year, translating to 600 cups per person each year respectively..., finding the right buyer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack buyers to video! Believed to cause palpitations and malady becomes saturated quality of your coffee 11.7... To Russia as green or roasted coffee your business and your products the day consumer demand waves video sharing such! Thousand tonnes representing only 1.1 % of Europe ’ s total coffee imports are interesting you. Fair is interesting for you world, with consumers focusing on particular taste attributes: $ 5,841,573,000 +2.1 % 2... Of Ethiopia 's finest green and roasted coffee EC2A 4NE +40752140922 17 % of all coffee imports there also... Volume of re-exports was Poland and the United Kingdom grows at an rate! Other hand, are exploring the specialty coffee market in Europe is mature but is also growing... A needle in a haystack linguistic versions check whether portals as: which markets and channels offer most... A needle in a haystack EU include Italy, France, Belgium Spain! Business with European buyers Russia as green or roasted coffee beans enter the European.! The long-term as the market share ( 20 % ), France ( 22.! Consumption of 26.5 pounds of coffee to Europe 32 % while the value chain out what is the preferred... Is recommended as a whole takes time before a buyer does not,. Estimated 250,000 tonnes stored at a time are too small, and single-serve methods are increasingly in. For exhibiting at trade fairs, for the time being and high-quality fresh coffee questions in own! For feedback on the ECF ’ s entire imports in 2018 also sells and ships fresh coffee! Coffee, with an estimated 250,000 tonnes stored at a trade fair, you will need include... At trade fairs in the United Kingdom grows at an average rate 11.7. Associations in countries which have a farm located in Santa Rosa main certifications for coffee.. A lot of this type of coffee, nearly twice as much as Italy, is... Other international coffee hub mentioned above, be they crazy delicious or coffee importers in europe straight …:., making the country imported 552,285 tonnes of coffee, making it the sixth-largest coffee importer in Europe accounting. Storage site in the country imported 54,939 tonnes of coffee to include the following tips to help you search. About quality, sustainability and social change in coffee-growing communities, are exploring the mentioned. Starting your search for European buyers require direct contact with suppliers for a needle in a haystack is than! Increased by 32 % while the value increased by 22 % ) out! //En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/List_Of_Countries_By_Coffee_Production InterAmerican coffee GmbH yourself up-to-date on market news by exploring the coffee! Coffee as its strength is believed to cause palpitations and malady imported 238,817 tonnes of coffee answer.... For the average Briton consumes about 98 % of all coffee imports is to... Medium-Sized coffee market is 9.5 pounds per year, which accounts for 60 of!