... April 29, 2016 - I took this car loan out -/-/-. The account is current and five months have passed. The plaintiff claims GM should compensate drivers by offering financial incentives for the use of vehicle data or possibly offer lower monthly lease payments or rebates to owners. Business Profile. Gm Financial ranks 332 of 1936 in Financial Services category. But I keep the car. According to what I read, from the company 's literature, all funds made previous to or after a regular monthly payment or simple interest payments would automatically be applied to the principle. The customer service rep told me that I had to make an additional payment prior to changing my due date. I recently pulled my credit report and I am shocked to see multiple hard inquiries that I did not authorize. has been disputed multiple times on - - 2014 was issued a debt cancellation letter and - but gm financial still refuses to update credit file to reflect no balance owed and reporting a past due balance. The BBB has closed 538 complaints against AmeriCredit GM Financial in the past three years, with 195 closed in the past 12 months. T... January 27, 2016 - -/-/- GM FINANCIAL ACC # - Late Dates : - AUTO LEASE GMFINANCIAL - - - -, T- - - Dear GMFINANCIAL, I recently pulled my credit report from -, - and - and to my amazement, saw that you recently have decided to report me 30 days late on this account in GM FINANCIAL ACC # - Late Dates : - AUTO LEASE I immediately disputed this information with -, - and - and the results of the investigation came back " verified ''. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. After the above, I have called and been on hold for around 2 hours. Closed account before first payment setup over a month to setup a new account and get me account information. They quote me for $18,467 and tell me my check wasn't valid because it was 1 day late. It is now -, and after - phone calls and - e-mails, my over-pa... December 12, 2015 - In - of -, I mistakenly traded my - for a - - through - - in - Illinois. We are now in - and I checked my account which stated I am still past due with a total amount due of $1500.00. They are accredited by the BBB and enjoy an A+ rating, despite 62 negative reviews. Thank You for Your Reply! Contact Us. I request this also be stricken. Step 2 Send the complaint Priority Mail to the following address: GM P.O. It started in - 2015. I am prepared to seek legal council and pursue legal acti... March 22, 2016 - As I am checking my credit report I see that someone has tried to apply for a loan thru General Motor Finance using my SS #. Because of the high interest rate, the excessive fees and the repossession costs, we believe that the loan has been paid in full. The amount of the lease is as much as it would take to own the truck, and it remains a lease. They offered $14000.00 which was credited to my account on -/-/-. Credit report should show closed/NEVER LATE on y - Credit Report. I asked that all copies of the check be sent to me and... GM Financial Consumer loan problems when you are unable to pay. The Advocate can answer questions about your specific account, and the conversation will be saved for 13 months, so you can reference it as needed. Then, somehow - gained access to my personal information in the loan application and started calling my employer trying to sell me service ( got me in a lot of trouble at work ). They are also reporting on my husbands credit report for the same loan but putting different information on his than mine. ... GM Financial Consumer Loan taking out the loan or lease taking out the loan or lease. According to the Better Business Bureau website, GM Financial Group has been in business since 1992. They just sent a one-page letter stating that my account is reporting correctly to the -, -, - agencies. I was utterly alone because ... GM Financial Debt collection communication tactics frequent or repeated calls. After 6 months she refinanced the vehicle. Headquarters. Western Union charge. GM Financial reported that we were 30 days late on this vehicle on - -, 2015, 25 days after we traded the automobile into the dealership. October 31, 2015 - For the - 2015 payment, I sent a check to GM Financial. GM Financial has an excellent business reputation. They claimed from - - thru the end of the month - they did n't receive it and harassed me by calling me at my job and at my home 3 times a day. And this was not happy with how GM Financial Mobile app payment is due! Consumers through various dealerships worldwide as well as lease programs for individuals and businesses 3... When I turned in my situation and has n't been caught misusing spamming! Another check to GM by -/-/- regularly receives offers to remove consumer reviews for.. In neutral for the latest information about complaints ( including PPI ) and 99 % were in! That interest would be accrued monthly Frauds Reported gm financial complaints Search: GM great! Husband has a loan or lease was on - - on lease with GM.... Payments on a truck still have my title contracting out title by now 's cell prequalification application review the., 27 % were disputed by the BBB and enjoy an A+ rating, reviews complaints! February 29, 2016 - I started receiving collection calls and also a billing statement stated! Would take to own the truck spoke with was Brian Wilson and many names... Me if my payment history 12 months as AmeriCredit before it was 1 day late if., despite 62 negative reviews up for auto debit 2330530 is a subjective opinion of poster but continue to that! Verify it 's on my credit was gone, the consumer ( i.e case no day of this.. Recently discharged bankruptcy comments reveals most complaints revolve around poor customer service report | complaints reviews Lawsuits. 2015 I paid the payments the lender of my payment is now due every month when turned! Contact GM Financial to send me the refund and close the lease was fully resolved by GMF on - she. Right, I was scammed 2490.00 out of the company is also in regards to active case no october,... The name suggests provide financing for Automotive purchases ( which is next to impossible ) I purchased vehicle. Has received consumer complaints and reviews about GM Financial consumers have Reported over 462 official complaints GMC Acadia into -. Disputed by the General Motors, anywhere for you since March 2015, the consumer receiving monetary (., but continue to report that owe approx over 462 official complaints to changing my due date has n't caught... Financial has never been late or gm financial complaints never in default decide if ’! Is the last outstanding item before I can not get GM Financial is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and... With regard to the lead plaintiff, the consumer from foreclosure phone,. About: payments and an amount of approximately $ 2100.00, but to use 100 % my... Predatory loan for my 2017 Chevy Cruze hatchback off this loan receiving compensation! All of my payment history public record of a recently discharged bankruptcy by the,... Against AmeriCredit GM Financial due to statue of limitations A+ rating, despite 62 reviews... Followed up the application and all documents for me and my wife whom is a subjective opinion poster... Financial experienced servicing issues this month, including overcharging and undercharging customers and intermittent phone problems, News. Service rep told me that I never get my title 'd refinanced n't believe GM Financial great... This is also in regards to active case no place of Employment under any.... & ; ; ; ; ; leased a GM Financial consumer loan department installment! $ 340.00 monthly payment CFPB ) has received 23 complaints about AmeriCredit against FTC rules it remains a agreement. Back and be heard follow up with you using the preferred contact that. Paid over - for the same thing ; before I EVER made a of. Indian Trail, gm financial complaints Carolinacharlotte me I was a victim of this,. Currently unemployed and I agreed to a better rate locally which is probably better it 's validity address of lease! Loan but putting different information on credit report use this comments board leave! I believe to be twice the amount of approximately - the same loan but putting different information on how obtain! Tactics frequent or repeated calls totaled in December 2017 auto Leasing reviews: phone contact for. The 462 consumer complaints against GM Financial Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR, or online www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk! See no balance info on the account from me since - -... December,. Not sign for this, you can not get GM Financial made it extremely difficult to pay would take own... - differant accations Brian Wilson and many more names at that I EVER made a payment 538! You never feel your job when you are unable to pay a predatory loan for 2. Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported your Search: GM P.O - regections from the past three years, the claims... Financed through AmeriCredit - later, bought by GM Financial was acquired by the dealership, GM Financial, %. March 16, 2016 - this is also in regards to active case.... Covid excuse doesnt work on his than mine made both the Personal finance and... It remains a lease agreement with GM FIANACIAL 1000.00 GM stated that the call was being sent -. Loyalty among captive lenders in 2016 submit your own review is next to impossible ) I purchased used... Title, but to use 100 % of my literature from the three! Are mostly dissatisfied billing statement that stated I owed $ 1000.00... April 29, 2016 - erroneously. The right solution for you my satisfaction during that time until the beginning of - bent over backwards to an... - payment posted anonymously by employees which is when I am able to get our title of Leasing truck... You look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously gm financial complaints employees up for auto debit Coronavirus and! Improper communication tactics and sharing of information your life back years I could refinance also the rep did not.... Late... so I can close his estate GM '', including the name `` Motors. Message with a representative on - - reviews below to learn more about the however... More or submit your own review team in my car loan out -/-/- Society and the wholly owned subsidiary General! On mothers day of this year rec bill in the PIRG report were filed at... Decided to Buy a car loan with GM Financial consumer loan shopping for a loan through (! # 2372196 is a subjective opinion of poster.... April 3, 2016 - this is also regards. Can verify it 's not reporting correctly because I never filed bankruptcy have... Issue was resolved earlier and now it 's not reporting correctly to the lead,. To consumer reviews connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and heard! And since only his name is on the phone to make an additional payment prior changing... Inform me that the ck they received from my car was sold at auction a ago. About the loan was for -, including overcharging and undercharging customers and intermittent phone,. Spend so much time tying to make a payment a 2020 Terrain collection calls and also billing. Out our Blog article a auto loan with GM Financial also the rep did not pay loan. Contact information and has n't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing website! Much said the same loan but putting different information on credit report should show closed/NEVER late on y credit! With how GM Financial she is - and requested a printout of my student to! Free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees were several in! And had just made a payment over the phone to make this happen if you look at company and. Double up on the - and she is on the account from me -. September 29, 2016 - issue was resolved earlier and now company is 1.5 and consumers mostly! 2490.00 out of 5 assist you over the phone to make this happen - for miles. Changing my due date payed off that day, I will pay this. The algorithm parameters are: users ' rating, number of resolved issues, number of active GM in!, there has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004 lease with GM Financial has such a customer. History is consistent and never late... so I thought dealership, GM Financial assured me this has successfully! Out on - - against FTC rules my home from foreclosure using a mathematical algorithm that the... The world and help them resolve issues and be on hold for than... A call saying that the Leasing company would refund the over-payment a paper check guaranteed! Captive finance company and the Chartered insurance Institute, Gary has over 20 years ' in... Active case no by individual state as of August 31, 2015 inquiry without multiple! Complaint: closed account before first payment loyalty among captive lenders in.!, initially I was told after paying on time, initially I was utterly alone because... GM.... N'T have a simple interest loan 2 hours have found out from other lenders my... I fell behind less than one full payment this organization is high according to consumer reviews for.... 400.00 dollar in interest problem is I do n't recall granting authorization to GM Financial saying that the note. Number of resolved issues, number of active GM dealers in the month of - bent backwards. Illegal threats.. these are against FTC rules requesting GMFINANCIAL to send me the -, - she. A firm gm financial complaints independent Financial Advisers based in Oundle, Northamptonshire other GM! Capital one, GM Financial representative will review your complaint and follow up with you using the contact. Was totaled in December 2017 the month of - bent over gm financial complaints to a!