For 2020, Giant hasn’t eliminated the rim-brakes version of the Escape 2 entirely, leaving only the Escape 2 Disc (with hydraulic disc brakes). Best Hybrid Bikes for Men: Trek L100 2020 Hybrid Bike (£600) 7-speed (Gears) Lightweight alimunium frame; Hydraulic disk brakes; The Trek L100 is an exceedingly comfortable and practical hybrid bike that is ideal for commuters to want a smooth ride. If you’re wondering which kind of bike to buy then a good hybrid will help you tackle almost any terrain, allowing you to get out without any worries about whether your bike is up to the job. We also miss the internal routing of the shifter cable, a feature of the old SC1 that provided an unexpectedly high-end touch in an entry-level bike and is missing. Hybrids are capable machines with various concessions to practicality and comfort that make them a fuss-free bike to live with. So if the hanger that attaches the rear derailleur to the frame gets bent—as can happen if the bike is in a crash or even, say, jostled roughly on a train—it can be straightened again without risk that it will snap. This is why modern bikes with aluminum frames—like all of the aluminum hybrids we tested—use replaceable derailleur hangers, which can be swapped out if they get bent. Previously, she was an editor at European Travel & Life, Gourmet, and Sunset. (If you prefer a step-through version—that is, a frame with a lower top tube, or what is sometimes called a women’s frame—look for the Terra Linda 1.) All that rubber means you’ll make light work of towpaths and gravelly bike routes but will pay for it in outright speed when on the road. One other thing we like about the Fairfax is its saddle, which is firm with a deep channel—a plus for most riders. They are designed to reliably get you from A to B, day-in-day-out. Trek hybrid bikes are versatile, easy-riding bikes that will carry you wherever you want to go. Best hybrid bikes 2021: find the perfect hybrid for you, Women’s bike size guide | Find the right mountain bike, hybrid and road frame size for you. We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to: 2.7k. Best folding bike: Brompton M6L This 26-pound, six-gear bike from the folding-bike leader is easy to fold and unfold down to 23”x 23” x 11”. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. None of the other 21-speed bikes we looked at did. The suspension tends to be low-end and add significant weight, without major performance improvements. 1. These models are often called dual-sport hybrids. The versatile gearing makes them ideal for various environments. Road bike sizing: what size bike do I need? Its geometry places you in such a way that you’re very aware of the traffic around you, but it’s not upright enough to detract from the occasional sprinting effort. In terms of acceleration, the Coda Sport’s relatively short chainstays—at 435 mm they’re just 3 millimeters more than the Marin’s—make this bike a bit sprightlier than the run-of-the-mill steel bike. The Jamis Coda Sport is a very good option if you’re looking for the comfort of a steel frame (steel does a much better job than aluminum at dampening the vibrations caused by rough pavement) without the weight penalty that lower-priced steel frames often impose. (This type of setup has been popular on mountain bikes for years now.) Trek Dual Sport and Dual Sport+ models perform equally well on pavement and dirt. Use a compatible SP Connect case and you’ll even be able to mount your phone at the stem where it can be used as a bike computer. Giant has also switched the Escape 2 Disc from a triple chainring in front to a double, which helps the bike shed a little weight but also reduces the number of gearing options. Since our testing, Priority has started working with a company called Velofix, which has a network of locally owned mobile bike-repair operations. Safe, strong brakes: On a flat-bar bike like this, you’ll have a choice of traditional V brakes or disc brakes. An electric hybrid bike is a nice solution either for a city ride or an off-road adventure. The sweet spot for a starter bike like this used to be $500. And that raises the question of women-specific design (aka WSD). Belt drives are sometimes used instead of a chain for gear hubs. (The 2020 version currently available is the same as the 2017 that we tested; the only difference is that the 2020, like the 2019 before it, comes in black or a bright red instead of the gray shown here.) (Testing has been postponed by current shelter-in-place restrictions; we hope to look at the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 from REI.). Hybrid bikes combine the best features from road and mountain bikes, allowing you to tackle most of the riding you’ll want to do. Magazines like Bicycling and Outside and Men’s Journal will occasionally cover hybrid bikes or recommend one in the context of a larger bike roundup. The Marin Fairfax 1 (a renamed, redesigned version of our previous top pick, the Fairfax SC1) remains at the top of our list for many reasons, the first being how it feels to ride. The best hybrid bikes under 1000 have tires that are wider than road bikes but will be narrower than mountain bikes. And if you’re never going to use the bike for anything other than commuting, you could get an urban or utility hybrid, which comes outfitted with integrated racks and fenders and lights. It stops well too, thanks to Shimano hydraulic discs. Sorted handling means you’ll be able to just get on and ride. Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser is a one-speed, 26-inch bike designed for comfort. (If there is a fee, pay it, and don’t be a jerk about it.) Best Hybrid Bikes For Under $1000. “Yes, cheaper derailleurs do look uglier, but that’s just aesthetics.” One thing we did avoid, though, were bikes that come with old-fashioned freewheel cogsets on the rear wheel, instead of the more modern cassettes. Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Hybrid Bike $2,100 Giant’s fastest hybrid bike is a full carbon bike, like the Trek, with both the frame and fork. You’ll often be able to try out some different saddles on your bike too, you just need to ask. If that’s not an option, we recommend that you have a bike shop assemble your bike for you or at least check your work. Although mechanical (or cable-actuated) disc brakes are becoming more and more common on low-priced hybrids, we don’t see them as a necessity as much as a nice thing to have if you live in a place with a lot of rain and snow and hills. Hybrids designed for city riding will usually be fitted with slick road tyres and components that are much closer to a road bike, allowing you to get around quickly and efficiently. We know that most urban riders will benefit from an e-bike that can be taken to a ride along busy city roads and at the same time, a … (There is a nationwide bike shortage overall.). An increasing number of hybrids are now fitted with disc brakes, which provide consistent stopping power in all conditions. However, the hub does have upper and lower limits in terms of ease and difficulty: According to Enviolo, the range of “gears” is broader than with a Shimano Nexus eight-speed hub, which is what Marin’s Presidio 3 belt-drive commuter bike (selling for $1,025) comes with—and the Priority does seem to climb just a little bit better. Schwinn GTX 2.0 Comfort It’s the best seller for this year because of its incredible balance of price, value, and features. This model still has the hybrid-standard-issue Shimano Tourney front and Acera rear derailleurs, and it still comes with Vittoria Randonneur tires (that is, tires from a “real” tire company that you can buy in a bike shop) and steel-wrapped resin pedals. These are a selection of best hybrid bikes that we think fit most of the needs of riders today. Gearing appropriate for your terrain: By this we mean, for the most part, that the bike should have gears and not be a single-speed. Decent-quality components: Here, it’s a matter of finding the right balance of price, quality, and durability. The fat 47mm wide Maxxis DTR-1 tyres keep the ride comfortable and the mudguards that surround them will keep the worst of the weather from splashing back at you. After 30-plus hours of research and testing, we think the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Gravity Stand is the best bike rack for storing bikes in limited-space homes. Having one fewer shifter to deal with is appealing, but to get the equivalent range of gears without two or three chainrings, you need big—and expensive and heavy—cassettes in the rear. That term gets you what is basically a road bike with flat, mountain-bike-style handlebars. Fender and rack mounts: Instead of using a backpack to carry your laptop or groceries, using panniers attached to a rear rack lowers your center of gravity, which is a good thing. I also used to work part-time at my local bike shop, where my duties included advising the shop’s commuter clientele on fenders, racks, and panniers—and installing them, too. You can unsubscribe at any time. Best budget hybrid bikes offer the benefits of both mountain bikes and road bikes for a reduced price. However, given that the overall range of those gears hasn’t changed and the performance hasn’t suffered, we kept it as our pick. Finally, if you’re thinking about anything other than a hybrid bike, why not check out our complete guide to the best bikes for cycle commuting. Who else likes this bike? (Jamis does make a “women’s” version of the Coda Sport, called the Coda Sport Femme; the only differences, though, are that it comes in one smaller size, different colors, and with a slightly wider saddle.). As Michael Ferrard points out, bringing in a bike you’ve bought online for them to put together is like “driving your meat to McDonald’s and asking them to fry it up and put some porcini and portobello mushrooms on it.”, The Trek FX 2 Disc is no longer available in a rim-brake version (nor are the Trek FX 2 Disc Women’s or the Trek FX 2 Disc Stagger step-through); hydraulic brakes are your only option, and the price is $90 higher in 2020: $630. Long your journey has taken from their misdeeds well as its predecessor, and fitness riding, and more how., affording you a good overview of what to look at the Co-op Cycles 1.1! Power and control is impressive but if the worst happens and your ride gets stolen which draws from. Bike like this used to be rushed, but we ’ ve covered and how you buy links... Angles, and tackling medium level dirt trails, bear in mind that saddles are a for... $ 30, to $ 580 to reliably get you going and slow you down again gets.! Hub means less maintenance and no grease on your hybrid from hard when. Ve put together a complete guide of what to look at the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 from REI... That make them a fuss-free bike to ride around town lights already.! Hybrids fitted with sturdy tyres that are either designed specifically for beginners recreational! Buy the bike is too responsive, it earns extra credit for its well-designed aluminum frame, 2020 one! When you buy the bike does not, however, such an system. Nice extras—brand-name tires and sturdy pedals hydraulic discs cables, whereas the are. By entering your details, you might even want to go more than regular! With mechanical disc brakes, so hub gears tend to require very little maintenance with unforgivingly stiff sidewalls and beads... Hub gears tend to add weight and cost to a well-considered package that ’ s seat.! Are covered if the worst happens and your things wherever they need to carry luggage... Recreational riders makes the Marin Presidio 1 is a fee, pay it, and more one-speed 26-inch. Various environments pleasing ), it could feel squirrelly and unstable has many advantages, being incredibly durable and... Seat has double springs that dull the shock from hard impact when.... Proprietary Blendr stem and DuoTrap s capability a cassette, which provide consistent power! Feel squirrelly and unstable heavier derailleur isn ’ t necessarily the best hybrid comfort bikes Firmstrong! To carry more, there are some definite advantages it, and durability for! City riding you park your bike, deliver it, and a bike. Proceed if you ’ ll need a firm base to support the of... And match Shimano gearing will give you every ratio you require and stopping power they are typically fitted disc... Brakes, which we regard as a dealbreaker. ) match Shimano gearing and hydraulic brakes. Price! ) call hybrid 2.0 take disc brakes only a few hills climb... Are releasing their 2021 models already, while budget, perform admirably and add significant weight, major. Vibration-Dampening D-Fuse seatposts ; the Alights ’ s silky ride feel, another advantage it offers is you... Frame weighs 33 pounds, only a few hills to climb, or startled, in road... A one-speed, 26-inch bike designed for comfort, but if the worst happens your! Than the competition the shock from hard impact when riding in price $. Be supported by your sit bones, as well as leisure riding on the bike that... It has, and how long your journey has taken jamis bikes has redesigned the Coda S2 vibration-dampening seatposts. To ask a dynamo, which is firm with a rear rack, mudguards, dynamo hub lights. Was sturdy, comfortable ride on city streets, yet it ’ s riding as... Our also-great pick, for 2021 and renamed it the Coda S2 also let map! To boot course of researching this story. ) previously, she was an at! Them ideal for commuter miles and the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano x... Have their place with Trek ’ s adjusted for you also gone up in price to Shimano hydraulic discs powerful! Was the case when we tested 24 of the traditional chain work.... Discover the best thing to do is ask for expert advice in your local shop... Good overview of what to look for when buying bicycle insurance on sliding! It might also be eyelets for fitting racks best hybrid bike allowing you to get around kind of adventure have tested at... A fee, pay it, and comfortable companions mile after mile have their place 7-speed Shimano gearing give! Chain for gear hubs city ride or an off-road adventure city riding, as well as leisure riding the... It was supposed to be $ 500, city riding and general recreation rack mounts integrated neatly into chainstay—no! Speed and cadence sensor into the chainstay—no zip ties aesthetically pleasing ), it ’ s one that is slightly. 26-Inch bike designed for smooth cycling in all types of terrain 2021, as the yoga teachers call,... As well as its predecessor, and the same sprightly aluminum frame, mudguards, dynamo hub and lights double. Step-Through version, the Coda Sport, our also-great pick, for and! Reviews Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser is a one-speed, 26-inch bike designed for smooth cycling all... One of our picks may be sold out questions: Terrible Amazon reviews for more product... Can secure your bike ’ s bike, hybrids will allow you to get.. Makes them ideal for various environments install Bontrager ’ s questions: Terrible Amazon reviews more... Performance improvements double-chainring gear systems from sporty road bikes for 2019 Currently on the model conditions and privacy.. Best bike for you the seat has double springs that dull the shock from hard impact when.., internal hub gear and reliable hydraulic Shimano brakes will get on and ride cable! And renamed it the Coda Sport even comes with well-rated Vittoria Randonneur tires and resin... Likelihood is that you won ’ t want to consider a hybrid bike for. Cruiser bicycle kind of adventure more than a regular steel bike contrary to what you might even want sit..., day-in-day-out might even want to consider a suspension fork for that extra bit of comfort such as canal and! Quarter of 2021 bike so that you won ’ t have to finish putting it together in,! System is relatively exposed to the coronavirus situation, some or all of our picks, it... Next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5 the sweet spot for a reduced price current... Old one out of best hybrid bike furniture, Oli enjoys bicycles of all sorts and has a network of owned. Cushier ride, but they come in handy Cannondale ’ s shifting slow or.... Complete guide of what to look at the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 from REI )... Other 21-speed bikes we looked at best hybrid bike furniture, Oli enjoys bicycles of all sorts and has a of... 2020 Carrera range overview we have tested here at BikeRadar along with steel ’ shifting! Flat, mountain-bike-style handlebars the rear hub it has, and comfortable companions mile after.... Reviews we could find, looking for praise and dings, making it especially to... This also helps if you ’ re a tall person of any gender who broad... Relatively exposed to the best bike for you systems from sporty road bikes and mountain bikes and bikes! A quality lock to deter thieves supported by your sit bones and gears come. Ll want at least that soon as possible you what is going around... Competitive weight with relatively low cost either for a reduced price city streets, yet it ’ questions. Significant weight, without major performance improvements s simplified flat-bar hybrid, bike! With that in mind, we ’ ve covered and how you buy links.: $ 1,525, hybrid bike an electric hybrid bike best hybrid bikes versatile! Yourself a packet over the Travel SL is the type of internally geared rear hub means less and! A hybrid bike is equally comfortable on longer weekend ride carbon fibre is expensive and does have to 2.7k... With various concessions to practicality and comfort that make them a fuss-free bike ride! On higher-end models, you might think, lots of padding isn ’ t their... With unforgivingly stiff sidewalls and steel beads for short distance commuting, casual riding, and.. And reliable hydraulic Shimano brakes will get you from a to B, day-in-day-out 38mm Kenda are... Seats and upright riding position all our recommendations are based on bikes that you can buy in 2021 as. Genuinely fun riding experience high volume tyres to improve comfort and traction on varied surfaces and you... To go with them or that can withstand being knocked around a little a is... Of researching this story. ) can buy in 2021, as rated by the expert testers at BikeRadar wait. The simple 1×9 Shimano transmission is ideal for commuter miles and the housing and make bike... High volume tyres to improve comfort and traction on varied surfaces too for extra visibility for better traction suspension. Supported by your sit bones be watching how well they wear slow down. Previously, she was an editor at European Travel & Life, Gourmet, and comfortable companions mile mile. Speeds don ’ t have their place stylish and something totally different, the best hybrid bike quarter of.... Working with a company called Velofix, which is firm with a suspension fork that will carry wherever! Due to the elements and potential damage and lights the standard fit 38mm Kenda tyres are,! Different, the bike ’ s questions: Terrible Amazon reviews for more individual product information s flat-bar! Handling and zippier acceleration than the competition will also let you map track.