Now the storm turns toward the Midwest and East Coast. The warning was prompted by … Larger bulk shear values tend to correlate to higher tornado potential, to a point at least. Tornado Spins Along Beach in South Carolina. Copyright 2020 WCSC. April 12, 2020 at 10:15 AM EDT - Updated April 13 at 10:54 PM, involved a grandmother who died after a tree crashed into her home in Walterboro, said two Neeses residents died in a home on Preserver Road, authorities blamed the storms for five deaths, A plant worker in Oconee County also died, officials said more than 30 planes had been damaged, The storms were blamed for at least 19 deaths, Parent Survival Guide: Brain foods to help kids stay sharp, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office mourns deputy’s death, Community raises $50K+ for principal using 2nd job to help students, SC reports 2,736 new COVID-19 cases, death toll inches toward 6,000, Georgetown County computer network down after cyber attack, Deputies ask for help to identify shoplifting suspect. Required fields are marked *. The soup that makes up the significant tornado parameter includes effective bulk wind difference, effective storm-relative helicity, 100mb mean parcel CAPE (mlCAPE), and 100mb mean parcel height (mILCL). Values of 1 or greater indicate an increased potential for right-moving supercells, should storms fire or move into the region highlighted by the supercell composite index. //